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Abingdon Stockyard Properties

Best Stockyards in East Tennessee!

Abingdon Stockyard Properties

East Tennessee's Premier Stockyards with two locations in Abingdon, Virginia and one in Kingport, Te...

Kingsport Livestock Auction

 Located at 2000 N. John B. Dennis Bypass

Abingdon Stockyard Exchange

Located at 21488 Vance Mill Road

Tri-State Livestock Market

Located at 1745 Sky King Drive in Abingdon, Virginia

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  • Kingsport Livestock Auction

  • Abingdon Stockyard Exchange

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Welcome to Abingdon Stockyard Properties

Since 1993 Abingdon Stockyard Properties has been the place where buyers and sellers meet to participate in one of the last true price discovery mechanisms in the United States...the livestock auction. Competitive marketing allows the seller to achieve the highest possible price available for their livestock in an auction setting.

Abingdon Stockyard Properties owns and manages three stockyards in Virginia and Tennessee.

Kingsport Livestock Auction
Abingdon Stockyard Exchange
Tri-State Livestock Market
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