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Abingdon Stockyard Exchange - 276.628.8613
Tri-State Livestock Market - 276.628.5111
Kingsport Livestock Auction - 423.378.3254



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  • Boneless Cow Beef & Beef Trimmings - Afternoon
    LM_XB401 Des Moines, IA Fri, Oct 24, 2014 USDA Market News NATIONAL/REGIONAL DAILY BONELESS PROCESSING BEEF AND BEEF TRIMMINGS - Negotiated Sales - Afternoon FOB Plant basis negotiated sales for delivery within 0-21 day period, including sales since last report,
  • Beef Carcass Price Equivalent
    NW_LS410 Des Moines, IA Fri, Oct 24, 2014 USDA Market News USDA BEEF CARCASS PRICE EQUIVALENT INDEX VALUE CHOICE SELECT Index 600-900# 600-900# Values => $241.64 $227.96 Change
  • Cutter Cow Cutout & Boxed Cow Beef Cuts - Afternoon
    LM_XB405 Des Moines, IA Fri, Oct 24, 2014 USDA Market News NATIONAL 5-DAY ROLLING CUTTER COW CUTOUT AND BOXED COW BEEF CUTS USDA ESTIMATE CUTTER COW CARCASS CUT-OUT VALUE - Negotiated Sales - Afternoon Based on negotiated prices and volume of cow cuts delivered
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Abingdon Stockyard Properties LLC is the parent company the president is Rick Barrett
Abingdon Stockyard Exchange (ASE)
21488 Vance Mill Rd
P O Box 2274
Abingdon VA 24212

Tri State Livestock Market (TSLS)
17455 Sky King Drive

P O Box 558

Abingdon , VA 24212
Kingsport Livestock Auction (KL.A)
2000 N. John B Dennis Bypass
P O Box 322
Kingsport TN 37662